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Indie Film Funding

“According to Aegis, the film industry is set to be one of the hottest investment opportunities of 2010. The   financial crisis has meant the banks that traditionally financed films have pulled out of the sector. This has provided a window of opportunity for other investors, especially as the worldwide box office remains buoyant having reached another all-time high of USD28.1bn in 2008.”

 “The Aegis Film Fund, which has returned 8.32 per cent in the first six months since its March inception and is on track to return over ten per cent by year end, provides finance to producers and distributors of films operating like a media focused bank. This finance is in various forms of loans or debt on a short to medium term basis. The fund only invests in asset backed corporate debt and does not take equity stakes in a film, minimizing the risk to investors. The fund is targeting at least 10 per cent annual returns.”

 “Whilst investors see the possible high returns that can be made in the film industry, they want to invest in a way that is accessible and minimizes risk. This is why the fund only invests in debt rather than equity and why we have now launched these new share classes which appeal to sophisticated investors.”


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